Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It's time for me to move on, for at least a while. I know I have not posted much recently, and I guess and hope you know why.

Terri and I moved away from Rancho Palos Verdes last March 26 and we moved into our new home in Murrieta, California, on April 5.

Existence here is so very, very different than it was when we lived in R.P.V. and it is not only an extremely interesting change, it is also more wonderful than either of us had expected.

Not a week goes by when we learn new things and visit sites and have activities we didn't think we would like so much, out here in Southwest Riverside County.

We could not have imagined that it could be pool o'clock just about anytime we wanted and that jacuzzi o'clock whenever, could be so enjoyable.

It took about 4-1/2 months to get used to 100 degree days and now we get 'hot' when it gets over 108 degrees. The bout of humidity we had several weeks ago was also noted as being a bit more uncomfortable that we like, but it sounds like R.P.V. got several doses of that, too.

I truly do not miss anything in R.P.V. because I had association with the area I grew up in for over 57-1/2 years. Of course I miss the people and I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

As for issues, I will consider how two issues related to R.P.V. compares to what we are finding out here.

Ponte Vista:

830-total units in Northwest San Pedro is too many for me to be comfortable with, even though I have opined that I could have lived with 831-total units.

The fact that while the developers have added more 'single-family' units from their original number, there are still too many multi-family building being asked for, with too many truly or most likely becoming rental units.

I don't care how much traffic mitigation the developers claim they will do, with only ONE access street (Western Avenue) to and from the property, that is at least one street too few.

Remember, The Gardens have Western, Westmont AND Gaffey.

I did write my options about the project when the DEIR was published. Whether any calls for fewer than 830 units or the makeup of the types of units is changed is something that MAY bring about more acceptance for the project. Tripling the number of 'single-family, detached' units might be a good start, though.

Here in Murrieta, well actually by our Kaiser Permente facility in nearby Wildomar, there is a giant multi-family buildings comlex being built. Renewed building of residences and business is back and ongoing, and it is good for just about everyone.

HOWEVER, we down here have the space and our on-ramps and off-ramps to the TWO Interstates that we live between are being enlarged.

We have alternative routes to pass more congested areas. Yes, there are some ramps you would not believe and both Winchester and Temecula Parkway can be true nightmares, too much of the time.

We live in norther Murrieta, but the Temecula mall is closer and easier to get to than the Del Amo mall was to us.

As far as schools, thankfully, is a push between most of the Temecula and Murrieta schools, compared to P.V.P.U.S.D. Wildomar school, not so much. Menifee schools, nowhere near. Lake Elsinor school, don't belong in any comparison.

The vast majority of helicopters that pass over our home are NOT 'ghetto birds' but come from Camp Pendleton.

There are ZERO standard gauge railroad tracks in Murrieta, so we don't here the trains that belong to the Harbor Belt Line.

If I want to hear a foghorn early in the morning, I can go to the Internet for that.

The closest fire station to us is closer than Station 83 but since the trucks don't run ALL THE TIME or along Western Avenue, that is a big change we appreciate.

We also appreciate that we no longer live so close to a cemetery located along a major thoroughfare, when L    O    N    G funeral processions don't block our way.

While I don't drink alcohol and Terri barely manages one glass of wine, having GREAT selections of dining choices at regular restaurants AND wineries, provides with so many new tastes and experiences.

We got very spoiled, very quickly. There are Sunday music concerts all over the place.

You haven't really lived until you see a Shakespeare or Shakespeare-based comedy being performed at a winery where wine is served long before the performance begins. Watching some of the audience is at least as comical as watching many of the 'other' actors.

Music is all over the valley. Whether it is at a winery or in Old Temecula, the choices for types of music varies as much as the types of grapes grown around here.

The biggest drawback for me, living here, is that my work is still in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley areas. If you think driving to and from R.P.V. to locations in the areas mentioned, just getting me to and from Corona, Ca takes a little over half and hour. Then, the 91 freeway, through the canyon could be more better compared to driving 19 miles through the streets of Calcutta.

I try as hard as I can to have call times outside 'normal' commute times. Working overnight is more convenient and has much less stressful driving patterns.

I am (sort of) looking for 'regular' work. I may try harder for just part-time work. I'm trying to get my California Security Guard Card, but whether I'll look for a job in that line of work is still being determined.

I have not been to a Murrieta City Council meeting...yet. I have received information that their members are at least as conservative as four of the members of the R.P.V. C.C.. At this time there doesn't appear to be any issues I have and issues with, but it is good to become a better citizen/participant, than just asking others to do it.

As for the Murrieta Police, my best description is to imagine the Simi Valley Police Department, but perhaps just a bit tougher. All the neighbors tell us that they are great, just don't cross, think of crossing, dream of crossing, or plan on dreaming about thinking about trying to cross them.

According to an F.B.I. survey, done some time ago, Murrieta was judged the second safest city in the whole U.S.A. I can believe that.

I have and never will have anything against the L.A. County Sheriffs Department and the great men and women who served and continue to serve R.P.V. and every other community.

There are not enough thanks in this Galaxy that I could give to the many friends and acquaintances we made and have in R.P.V., San Pedro and other locales. My contacts have grown since we left and I'm not about to do away with any contacts.

As for the upcoming election, if I were to vote for two Council members, I would re-elect Brian Campbell and give former Mayor Ken Dyda another term. All three candidates are conservatives so I don't have a choice between a conservative and a liberal.

My consideration about former Mayor Anthony Misetich is that it seems he does so much better in his chosen field of expertise and if he is getting a new company off the ground, perhaps city business should go away for him so he can create the most successful business as possible.

Ken Dyda's dedication to the city and its residents long after he served on the R.P.V. City Council demonstrates his love for the city, his vast knowledge of city business and its people and his willingness to try to make things better for residents, is such a good thing.

The Junior College that became a 4-year institution, that now seems to be adding post-graduate degree studies...whatever the name of it now is:

Marymount College/Marymount California University should take over the Ponte Vista site, move its R.P.V. campus there and move its Palos Verdes North housing there, too.

But that won't happen, so let's move on.

I continue to feel strongly that whatever Marymount supporters want, should be studied one element at a time. Let's see if they can do anything other than changing asphalt at their R.P.V. campus.

There is no way I would ever support having anywhere near 1,200-students and associated staff attending classes and facilities on the Southeast side of The Hill.

Once the final stripe was placed on their new parking lot, any suggestion of have that many students attending that campus made the whole parking lot obsolete. Heck, it was obsolete before it was finished.

I continue to support Marymount's efforts in downtown San Pedro and would have supported The Marymount College Facilites Expansion Project had it ever been physically started. (The newly completed parking facilities fall outside the approved plans for the approved Project.)

Let Marymount build whatever they wish to build, one thing at a time, for up to 794-students attending the R.P.V. site.

Now in contrast, even though we haven't lived in Murrieta six months yet, Terri is still enrolled in a Microsoft Office class at San Jacinto College. That campus is in nearby Menifee, about ten minutes away from our home. It would take you longer to drive from Hesse Park to Marymount than it does getting to S.J. College.

But that's only a start. Less that 1/4 of a mile from our front door is a rented space for Murrieta University. About 1/4 mile from that site is another site for Azusa Pacific. So I technically have two colleges within one half a mile from my home.

I could get to U.C. Riverside faster than someone living on the Western-most edge of R.P.V. getting to U.S.C.

There is space out here that R.P.V. simply does not have. There are no colleges among the nearby hills, but they are on flat land, with wide open spaces.

Less than five miles away from our home is a Loma Linda University Hospital and teaching facility.

Murrieta has about 2-1/2 times the population that R.P.V. has. We do have lots of tract housing and many multi-tenant buildings. We can put the land that the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy has into a fairly decent open space land areas here in Murrieta. But then we would still have all the city parks, city maintained trails, watersheds and other open spaces to enjoy.

Sun City is nearby but it is NOT in Murrieta. We have The Colony.

It's hotter in the Summer and colder in the Winter here, compared to R.P.V. it rains a whole heck of a lot less, here. It's dryer here, too.

So, until I write again, thanks so very, very, very much for putting up with my overly long posts and I hope you learned a little bit and enjoyed a little bit more, this blog.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's Confusing And That Is What One Party Seems To Want.

A Ph.D. pleads with the City Council to extend Phase 1 so that there would be 'no confusion'.

The Ph.D. states his pleadings while addressing the Council in front of a slide show in which every projected slide states, in the lower right corner; "Marymount California University".

Repeatedly, the Ph.D. describes what would happen at "the college" if the extension was not granted. He stated that supporters of "the college" could be confused if the extension was not granted to allow for the construction of the 'revised athletic field'.

The Ph.D. seemed very sly in not admitting that the 'revised athletic field' has absolutely nothing to do with the extension of Phase 1, even though he pleaded for an extension for 'the college'.

The Ph.D. also stated that the City Council had to extend the time for Phase 1 to affirm its support for the athletic know, the one he is not willing to build.

The Ph.D. wanted to get 'affirmation' from the City Council that it supported the 'revised' athletic field and not the athletic field the City Council repeatedly affirmed for the college.

I have to give the Ph.D. great credit for confusing the issue enough to get at least two City Council members to call for the extension to September 30, 2013 partly because it is an election year.

I hope somebody tells the member of the City Council that when the Ph.D. comes back for another extension of Phase one, on or about September 30, 2013, they acknowledge that the date is closer to the actual election date than May 7, 2013 is.

Remember when, back in 2010, the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council approved for Phase 1 of the Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project 6 elements of construction to be part of Phase 1?

Well, of the three, make that three, oh yes, the Ph.D. stated that there are now three approved elements, he claims he will finish all three, not six, by September 30, 2013, possible.

Now of those six, I mean three, let's review.

The Utilitiess: Yes, most of that element is done. However, revisions to the plans for them ultimately placed a transformer and distribution panels where a building was approved to be. So, whatever happens in the future will require more study and changes IF the plans for a new athletic building go forward.

The Parking Lot: After TWO, yes two, make that 1+1 time extensions, the parking lot is still NOT COMPLETED!

The Athletic Field: This is where it all gets very confusing and why extending Phase 1, while some on the Council called it a "moot point" is a bad idea (even though there was a 5-0 vote to extend Phase 1 until September 30, 2013).

Phase 1 has an approved athletic field as a element the Ph.D. still won't say would be built if the 'revised' field is not approved, by the City Council.

The Ph.D. seems to contend that the 'revised' athletic field is part of Phase 1 and must remain that way to avoid confusion. Again, he talked about the "college" in front of slides that stated "University".

City Staff and Council Members seem to be in accord with the fact that the 'revised' field must be studied and considered separate and apart from Phase 1.

Here's a bit of trivia-stop: Unless I am incorrect, the California Secretary of State must certify the change of the name of an institution of higher learning, such as a college or a university.

As far as I know, no name change to any institution of higher learning has been granted, as of this date.

Yes, this is an election year for two seats on the Council. Had the Council voted the way of the Staff recommendation, they would not be now in a position to have to deal with yet another extension request, closer to the election date.

Also, I do think I heard a veiled lawsuit threat from the lawyer representing the institution the Ph.D. is the President of. Okay, if you really want to slow development down, bring a lawsuit.

Here's another analogy I thought of, concerning what comedy I watched Tuesday night:

Five members of the Board of the White Star Line debated, in 1913, the second voyage of the RMS Titanic. I guess nobody told them the ship sank in 1912. But that's another moot point.

Extending Phase 1 on May 7, just about insures that at least one more extension will be requested and most likely granted on or near September 30, 2013. At least two Council members admitted that dealing with the issues in an 'election year' could be risky and nobody told them that September is closer to November than May is, I guess.

No, Mr. Ph.D., the residents and governors of the city do not need to affirm an athletic field you don't even have studies done to see whether it can be built safely, in the first place.

You have not built anything on time or by the approved Project and you don't intend to, either.

With the 'revised' athletic field, should it be approved, will require many changes to the remaining Phases due to the fact that many items of construction can't be built because of the grading for the 'revised' field. Almost the entirety of Phases 2 and 3 would have to be changed.

What happened on Tuesday evening, as far as extending Phase 1 goes, was nothing more than painting a target on the feet of the Council members so they have the most accurate path to shoot themselves in the foot, again. This is my opinion.

I guess most of you missed the slide from the Lakeside Campus showing two coeds in front of a blue banner with white lettering welcoming "Marymount College" on a slide having Marymount California University on it.

The Ph.D. derides the 'confusion' then spends the bulk of his speaking confusing everyone about what he is actually the President of. I know the differences between a college and a university and Marymount is no 'University' in form or certified fact.

Marketing, donor support, donations. Three words that the Ph.D. needs to keep at the forefront of his expansion plans. It doesn't seem to matter about the facts about the elements of the expansion. It seems to matter most that whatever language works to bring in the most dollars will be used to do just that.

I firmly believe that the City Council has a duty to the residents of the city to consider their opinions, requests and needs rather that continuing to support a marketing ploy that the Ph.D. and other continue to place on everyone.

Acrimony. I saw and heard some of it at the meeting. I thought that four conservatives and one liberal would not make such an acrimonious group, (mainly by the conservatives) but it was fascinating to watch, after my recent absences.

Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Our Last Night In Rancho Palos Verdes



Hello and Good-Bye!

As many of my regular readers know, I used to attend RPV City Council meetings and cite how many years, months and days I had been associated with the home I was brought to, at the age of one-day old, on May 4, 1955.

Tonight, Terri and I spend our last night in the home on Trudie Drive and tomorrow we embark on a whole new adventure in a new home in Murrieta, California.

There was a period of about 22 years when other Wells' lived in the home and there was one Memorial Day weekend where I worked on all the appliances hook ups when my sister and my mom switched houses. Two moves on one day, two moving vans competing for space. That is not something I would do again...I hope.

A new young family will begin their adventure in the almost 63-year old house. There are two little boys who will have the opportunity to search for any 'Matchbox' cars I buried in the upper portion of the back yard, decades ago.

The memories and stories I was part of, living in or associated with the same home and area for so long, could fill volumes. But I won't begin them here.

I will ponder current and future affairs related to 'my home town' in later posts.

What a wonder it was growing up on the east side of The Hill.

Will I miss living in the home? I highly doubt it because I am so familiar with the house, the lot, the people and the area, it would take years and years and years of great changes to have me not 'see' everything around the area.

I will miss many of the people I have met, along the way. I'll deal with that in later posts, too.

I don't necessarily believe in luck or being lucky. I will certainly and happily admit I am the most fortunate fellow on the planet.

Folks like me are not comfortable saying good-bye and it would be hard to think I won't be around many, many times in the future.

There are still folks to talk to, issues that remain important to me and for us, life is just moving about 88 miles away, from here.

So in the end, March 26, 2013 gave me roughly 57 years, 10 months and 22 days here. What a trip it has been.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Really, It's Not Supposed To Be A Secret.

It seems I may have shocked a friend with some news I thought I told him about, some months ago.

I guess I probably didn't explain myself too well or the information didn't get passed along as it probably should have.

For that, I am sorry and I should now continue to reveal some information that some may have remembered and others still haven't heard about.

Anyway, the timing got moved up so it is now time to post exactly what is going on with Terri and me.

Within several days or perhaps a week to 10 days, a For Sale sign will be placed in our front yard.

The house I live in was in a trust for my sister and myself and when our mom passed away last September 26, the clock started ticking towards the eventual sale of the house we grew up in.

Terri and I have started seriously looking to buy a home in the Murrieta/Temecula area of Southern California.

We have chosen to move away from the area rather than attempting to purchase my sister's portion of the home, so we can have wonderful adventures rather than being trapped with any type of home loan.

Since I first arrived at the home we still live in, by the way on May 4, 1955 I bet I loved where I live from my very first memories. I have spent time living in other places and in other homes.

When I physically leave RPV I won't truly leave and I will continue to wonder, opine and comment on things happening in an area that grew up as I grew up.

I never want to come back for a visit and find I can't travel on P.V. Drive East because San Ramon Canyon was not repaired as it must me. I also don't with to have to sit through an hour's worth of traffic getting from P.V. Drive North to Trudie Drive along Western Avenue.

I especially hope to find that someday the folks at Marymount College will have a campus EVERYONE can be proud of and live nearby.

The areas Terri and I are looking at are continuing to be built up after more than a decade of so of great and quick growth, At least one new hospital is being built in both Murrieta and Temecula and industry is seeing more growth in Temecula. Murrieta is more of a 'bedroom' community as we have found and there are churches and religious conference centers and religious schools just about everywhere you turn, in that part of the state.

The area is also about half-way between our son Daniel, his wife Rainbow and our granddaughter Monroe (22 weeks in production-all healthy and happy) and half-way between many members of Terri's family in the San Diego area.

We are both still considered too young to be truly retired so there may be more job opportunities in growing businesses and services in the area and we will use the new home as a base camp for our next phase of life, that of being active and traveling seniors.

Whether I have agreed or disagreed with folks on topics in RPV we must know that folks are so passionate about this city and the area we call home. In an area of 8 Million souls plus, we sometimes are a small town 'out there', way in the country.

Too all those who have read this blog to date, thank you so very much! I'm not done writing it, by a long shot and please expect to see more humorous and possibly biting comments coming from me.

The east side of The Hill has been a remarkable and unforgettable place to grow up and live on. The Radomes on the top helped protect us and they were burned into my memories for all of my life.

The housing market is heating up both here and where we are looking to buy. Timing is everything so we have to make our moves at a time when we can get the most new home for the least cost while trying to get the most from the Trudie house.

We're here for several more months and then another of life's adventures moves east.

Please be well.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bits and Pieces 64

There are very few things I agree with Mr. Barry Hildebrand on, but I am with him on questioning the placement onto the Finance Advisory Committee of Mr. Eric Alegria, instead of Mr. Willie Wang.

Mr. Wang is absolutely and completely qualified to remain on the FAC and it looks like there is a 'setting up' of things 'going down' in our city.

Mr. Alegria ran for a Council seat in 2011 after recently moving into Rancho Palso Verdes, back then. He had no real experiences in Rancho Palos Verdes, but he was active and a great contributor to the city where he moved from.

Whether Eric Alegria and I are both members of The Democratic Party should be irrelevant when it comes to city matters and city elections. I don't subscribe to some of the comments Mr. Hildebrand wrote about in his recent letter to the editor, but he is another voice to mine that may be starting to think that 'the fix' is in.

If Mr. Alegria decides to run for one of the two seats to our Council this coming November and if Mayor Susan Brooks and Councilman Anthony Misetich support Eric in his race, then you will also know that something that happened this January may have been considered as far back as 2012, I am feeling.

On a slightly different note, in Mr. Hildebrand's letter he mentioned how long it took to get through all the stuff dealing with Rules and Procedures. I got a bit of a chuckle when considering Barry and I are on very different sides of some issues and reading what he wrote got me thinking again that, sometimes folks on very opposite sides of things meet each other in some agreement 'on the opposite side' of the debate circle.

It looks like the new parking lot is beginning to look like a construction area at Marymount College. This is a good thing and it is part of The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project I continue to fully support.

There are 'blankets' up for dust and noise protection and that is also a good thing, I feel.

The staff of The Los Angeles City Planning Department is now in the process of reviewing the comments submitted by individuals and groups interested in The Ponte Vista Project. This is also a good thing, I feel.

What will become of the recommendations made by individuals and groups is still another matter. I do hope staff, planners and city officials look at either keeping the site with its current zoning or looking at a different Alternative than the ones submitted for study. I do believe some big 'tweeking' must be done in order to find the best results for everyone.

It's cold! There, that's it, I'm done with that.

I am on a list to receive Emails and announcements concerning The Clearwater Program and I have heard or read nothing since the meeting was held regarding the Final Environmental Impact Report for the project to place a new Outfall System from Carson to the Pacific Ocean.

What I have heard from still far too many people is there concern for what they believe will be all the surface digging going through parts of RPV and San Pedro, and other areas.

This should not be a problem to worry about. No surface disruption is being considered except for the areas noted in the reports. Gaffey, Capital, Western and other streets should not see any digging along any of their routes.

What will be seen in somewhat distant future is the huge number of trucks moving removed dirt between the Exit Shaft, not slated to be under the cliff at Royal Palms Beach and out of town. This remains highly problematic since Paseo Del Mar is still separated by a landslide.

Whether Paseo Del Mar get fixed before the dirt-haulers start their moves is not known. Let's hope that the fewest number of trips are required and that no trucks are seen north of Ninth Street, in San Pedro.

Oh, by the way. Both the DEIR for The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project and The Ponte Vista Project call for traffic signals at the intersection of Miraleste Drive and Palos Verdes Drive East. Traffic signals have been 'warranted' there, for years.

Still, do you really know anyone who wants to really see signals there? I knew you didn't.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

May 7, 2013

The first Public Hearing at the December 18, 2012 meeting of the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council dealt with an extension of the time period of Phase One of The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project.

Here are my comments regarding that hearing:

Mr. Don Davis, the land use attorney for Marymount College was asked specifically by Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Duhovic, just what Marymount officials were asking for, as far as Phase One goes.

Mr. Davis responded that is was quite simple: get the permanent parking lot done and work on the new athletic field.

What Mr. Davis did not positively respond to was the other elements of Phase One, including the grading required for elements of Phase One AND the other two Phases.

When asked whether the grading approved for in Phase One would be required to provide elements of Phases Two and Three, the response from staff was that should that grading not take place within Phase One, none of the subsequent Phases would be able to go forward.

I took these sets of comments to indicate that Marymount officials have no interest in building any other elements of what is now in Phases One, Two and Three. Essentially to me, Mr. Davis stated last night that for all intense and purposes The Project would die after the parking lot and field are approved and completed.

However, the new field is not really part of any Phase as its elements contain new grading requirements, the elimination of the 'new' tennis courts and the placement of the edge of the field in an area where two members of this current council deemed was too close to Palos Verdes Drive East.

In written and oral communications from Marymount College officials, they intend on seeking changes in the Conditional Use Permit such that "1,200 Students" would be allowed to attend the Rancho Palos Verdes campus.

The day Marymount officials place files into our city requesting an increase in the number of students, faculty and staff at Marymount's main campus, whatever permanent parking lot, under construction or complete, will instantly become obsolete because 463 permanent parking spaces is not enough for a campus having "1,200 Students" and everybody knows that.

So, Marymount is now intending on building a permanent parking lot that would not have enough parking spaces for an enlarged student population and they continue to seek approval for an athletic field that is outside the scope and verbiage contained within The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project.

Once permits are issued for any construction on Marymount's campus, Marymount officials will have the legal right to complete the permitted construction regardless of the status of any time period of The Project, extension or not.

While Mr. Davis and others may claim they could be ready to seek permits to build their concept of the athletic field, it is more than quite doubtful that the field would be completed by September 30, 2013, the date all extensions of Phase One must be completed, according to CURRENT municipal code.

As far as truly working on the permanent parking lot, Mr. Davis also acknowledged that Marymount officials must secure the bonding issues and Mr. Davis did not acknowledge whether there are enough funds for that, at this time.

As far as the Army Corp of Engineers approvals to begin the parking lot element, they are in order and complete according to both Mr. Davis and City Staff members.

Mr. Davis also acknowledged that the permanent parking lot might not be completed by March 19, 2013 and that may have provided reasoning to some City Council members to set the Extension out to May 7, 2013.

Here is what I got out of the December 18, 2012 City Council meeting:

1. A permanent parking lot at Marymount College must be completed before any more construction will be done at the main campus.

2. Once the permits are issued to construct the lot, Marymount officials have the legal right to complete that element, whether The Project continues or ends, for any reason.

3. Mr. Davis acknowledged that college officials will seek to get approval for their new field within the guidelines of an amended Project's Conditional Use Permit, even though there is no language within the existing project (except for the recently introduced Revision) that would allow for their new field.

4. The City Council, by unanymous vote, extended the period  for completion of ALL elements of Phase One of The Project out till May 7, 2013 even though Mr. Davis stated that Marymount officials will only deal with two elements contained within Phase One.

5. With the history of Marymount officials' dealings with The Project, it is more than highly doubtful that any permits to build their new concept for the field could be processed prior to September 30, 2013.

6. As I commented last night, it remains my belief that Marymount officials be allowed the ability to request items on an element by element basis without Phasing restrictions and that those officials be allowed to set the time periods of the elements they will seek.

The City Council laid the groundwork to reject any further extension of The Marymount College Facilities Project and that is what I was generally asking for, in the first place.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces 63-MAJOR UPDATE

This one should look different. Also, this is an updated post, after I learned some new information at 3:10 PM on Friday, November 30, 2012

Mayor's Legacy Attempt???   UPDATED

Originally, this section contained information about what I thought at the time I created it, was going to be a 'special' meeting or our City Council on Tuesday morning, December 4, 2012 where the agenda for that meeting could have been a ground-breaking/photo opportunity for Mayor Misetich and others on the council at the site of the San Ramon Stabilization Project.

In my comments, I related to two 'legacy items' two L.A.U.S.D. Board of Education members seemed to have been provided a new gym at San Pedro High School and a new Annex to that high school that would be considered their 'legacy' items, well into the future.

I heard that there might be a Tuesday morning meeting where there would be ground-breaking for the San Ramon Stabilization Project, a project that has not been approved yet and where funding to begin the physical ground-breaking efforts has not been fully found.

As it was mentioned that it might occur on the last day of Mayor Misetich's first term, I felt that it would be an improper way of using taxpayer funds and staff's and others' time for something that probably won't move forward until most, if not all, of the funding if finally found.

I also heard that there may have been some in our city who were seeking an approval by The Army Corp of Engineers to come through by today, so that the special meeting could go forward.

In my call to City Hall, a few minutes ago, I learned that the "meeting has been canceled", information provided to me by someone I don't remember the name of, within City Hall.

When I visited the city's Web site looking for the agenda of the next City Council meeting, I found the agenda for the November 20 meeting.

This afternoon I visited the site again and found only the new agenda for the upcoming evening meeting of our Council, this coming Tuesday.

There is other information I know about that is now moot because of the "cancellation" but I think there were some in our city who really wanted the morning meeting to go forward before the meeting was canceled. Personally I believe as much as some wanted the special meeting, it had to be canceled.

I do commend Mayor Misetich and Mayor Pro Tem Brian Campbell for their positive efforts over the YEARS that this very important issue has been in the forefront of the needs our city has. The three 'newer' members of the Council have also shown great interest in seeing that the Project gets done as quickly as possible, but Mayor Misetich and Mayor Pro Tem Campbell have been dealing with these issues for four years now.

Who Is Going To Be Our Mayor On December 5?

In the historic or 'normal' pattern in our city, this would be a 'no-brainer' question. Our city's history has included many times when a current Mayor Pro Tem is just about automatically elected the city's next Mayor. Without actually looking hard into our city records, I can't tell when or if it has been any different.

EXPECT DIFFERENT this coming Tuesday evening.

Our Mayor is elected to that position during the first meeting of the Council in December of each year.

When I heard some news that is recent to me I shuddered to think what may just happen.

After considering what I heard I think that there are some pretty good reasons to have Mayor Anthony Misetich continue being our Mayor.

Looking at the legacy item, it will allow Mayor Misetich more time to help get the money together and possibly actually view the beginning of the real project to stabilize San Ramon Canyon.

Mayor Misetich was voting member of our council when the votes regarding Marymount College were taken and he could use a second term to help deal with the future at that college.

As Mayor Misetich has already announced his reelection bid, he would have that entire campaign time frame as Mayor and not just as a Council member to run with.

I have it on pretty good authority that current Mayor Pro Tem Brian Campbell may not want his turn YET as Mayor and while I think he will make a very good Mayor at some point, perhaps he and others believe that his time as Mayor will be after his reelection, if he wishes to get reelected. (I think the reelection of both Anthony Misetich and Brian Campbell can be regarded as a foregone conclusion because of the first votes for them.)

UPDATE- You may want to keep an eye on your inbox for an Email coming soon from a V.I.P. within RPV.

Just Don't Create A Motion!

On December 18, 2012, officials from Marymount College MAY come to the Council meeting, along with Staff recommendations all dealing with the extension of the time period for the First Phase of The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project.

Nothing has been completed or basically even begun according to the The Project's guidelines and Marymount officials have decided they want a '20 year' plan. They also want an athletic field different from the approved field, more students attending classes in Rancho Palos Verdes and who knows if, when and how they will actually create the 120 new parking spaces required in The Project's first phase.

If the extension of the time frame for Phase One of The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project is not approved on December 18, 2012, The Project will essentially end on that date and it appears that officials at Marymount College never actually intended on building anything according to the city council approved Project.

So, without have any long debates, should staff or Marymount College officials request and extension of the time frame, I feel the best way to deal with it is to have no member of our current council place in motion any extension, of any kind.

What this would do is not put any council member 'on the spot' of coming up with a motion and no member would be put 'on the spot' for seconding a motion that is never created.

Of course, if there is a member who wishes to make a motion and a member who seconds that motion, I hope there are at least three votes to vote down any and all motions to extend something it appears Marymount official have no interest in factually continuing.

Officials at Marymount have grand plans that keep changing. They have ongoing concerns in San Pedro and even in Northern California. I suggest that they move forward on an item by item issue here in Rancho Palos Verdes. Let them bring their 'new' athletic field plans forward, independent of any other plan AFTER there are 120 more permanent parking spaces completed on campus and BEFORE any talk of increasing the student population at the Rancho Palos Verdes campus get debated and voted on.

Keep Reading The Palos Verdes Peninsula News.

I think there is going to be some very interesting articles coming forth within the pages of The Palos Verdes Peninsula News in the weeks and few months to come.

You may want to seek shelter because I think there are some bombshells headed our way.